I’m a technical system engineer. I am responsible for developing and supporting the infrastructure of servers
I have nearly 4 years experience in telecommunication and datacenter sector
I’m experienced in a high understanding of Cloud computing, high availability and high performance. I have managed websites that take intense traffic.
I’m experienced in system design, system performance tuning, capacity planning, and maintenance patching and new version installation
I have a big passion and motivation for learning and discovering new technologies.
I’m experienced in installing, maintaining and monitoring server-side operations and applications

* Operating Systems: (Redhat,Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server)
* Databases: MySQL, MsSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra
* Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, Php-fpm, Fast-CGI, IIS
* Cloud: Vmware VSphere, OnApp, AWS, Proxmox
* Programming Languages: Bash scripting, Php, Python
* Backup (Commvault Backup, r1soft,Veeam)
* Hosting Panels: Plesk, Cpanel, Centos Web Panel ( CWP), Vesta Panel, Virtualmin
* High-Availability and Load Optimization ( KeepAlived, HAProxy, Citrix Netscaler)
* Caching Mechanism (Memcache, Varnish, Redis )
* Monitoring Systems ( Cacti, Nagios, SolarWinds, Zabbix ,Grafana)
* Wowza Live Streaming ( edge, origin server)
* Vulnerability ( OpenVas, Trend Micro Deep Security, Vega, Wapiti )